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Missing sidebar icons in Sublime Text 3 when using the Soda theme?

If you use Sublime Text 3 with the Soda theme, you’ll notice with the latest ST3 build 3065 (where they added folder icons) it seems to break folder icons in the Soda theme

ST3 without Soda theme (all folder icons showing):


ST3 with Soda theme (file icons missing):


Information about this can be found from the following links:


But if you’re impatient, just follow the step by step instructions below:


1. Download folder icons

Find an icon set that you like (which you can find in the links above). The two that I like are:


2. Unzip the icons

When unzipped, what you really want is just the PNG files.  In jbrooksuk’s icons they’re in the root of the archive but in Pryley’s icon set above, they’re in the icons folder.


3. Copy icons to your Packages directory

In Sublime Text, go to the menu and pick Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Browse Packages…


Under the User directory, create a directory called /Theme – Soda/icons and in there copy all the PNGs from step 3


4. Create the empty .sublime-theme files

In the same /User/Theme – Soda/icons directory, create two empty files

  1. Soda Light 3.sublime-theme
  2. Soda Dark 3.sublime-theme


5. Restart Sublime

Once restarted, you should now have file icons in your Sublime Text 3 Theme


Hiding Chrome’s notification menu bar icon on OS X

I hate seeing my Mac’s menu bar cluttered so every time I update Chrome and see their menu bar icon, the first thing I do is hunt through the chrome://flags to turn it off


Looks like the Chrome team have finally listened to it’s users and have now added a switch to turn it off.  Just head to the menu and click Chrome -> Hide Notifications Icon.


And done – a tidy(er) Mac menu bar :)


How to fix Dropbox using 100% CPU on OS X

So earlier this morning I noticed that Dropbox was using 100% CPU on my Mac.  Checking the Menu Bar icon I noticed that it was stuck syncing on a single folder.

Researching a bit more I found the following things, NONE of  which worked …

In the end I just traversed the subfolders in the “Blue Cottage Software” folder till I found the one it was stuck syncing on, and renamed it.

A quick restart of Dropbox and no more 100% CPU.

The only down side is my MacBook doesn’t run all day with the fans on full blast, which means I now have to find another way to keep myself warm during the winter months.