August 2014 Posts

Hiding Chrome’s notification menu bar icon on OS X

I hate seeing my Mac’s menu bar cluttered so every time I update Chrome and see their menu bar icon, the first thing I do is hunt through the chrome://flags to turn it off


Looks like the Chrome team have finally listened to it’s users and have now added a switch to turn it off.  Just head to the menu and click Chrome -> Hide Notifications Icon.


And done – a tidy(er) Mac menu bar :)


How to fix Dropbox using 100% CPU on OS X

So earlier this morning I noticed that Dropbox was using 100% CPU on my Mac.  Checking the Menu Bar icon I noticed that it was stuck syncing on a single folder.

Researching a bit more I found the following things, NONE of  which worked …

In the end I just traversed the subfolders in the “Blue Cottage Software” folder till I found the one it was stuck syncing on, and renamed it.

A quick restart of Dropbox and no more 100% CPU.

The only down side is my MacBook doesn’t run all day with the fans on full blast, which means I now have to find another way to keep myself warm during the winter months.